In all things, LOVE.

We are the McCorkle’s: Robbie, Missy and our three kids Ethan, Asher, and Gracie. We are a fun loving family and we love to share our life through written and video blogs on our website and social media.

We fell into becoming micro-bloggers through our social media posts and some initial blogs in 2020, and we are excited to see where our little family website takes us!

We love Christmas all year round, go all out on holidays, absolutely adore food (sometimes too much), and we’re suckers for cool techy stuff. We are musicians at heart while we share a day job with systems engineering & between being a Mom/teacher.

We love DIY (including homemade ice cream), family activities (especially involving movies & popcorn), and sharing affordable ideas & products with our happy followers!

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McCorkle Family
McCorkle Family

Robbie & Missy

Music & techy geeks,
super parents,
Authors & Music producers
& entrepreneurs.

Missy is a God-loving woman and beautiful wife, hard working Mom that works to make every day activities for the kids while showing them how to grow up to know Jesus. She loves to sing and grew up performing and teaching kids all over the Unites States, New Zealand and Australia.  She owned her own princess party small business, taught performing arts and math to Kinder through High School seniors at a private school, and has a multitude of professionally performed videos on youtube and CD albums.  She is currently working marketing & content creation while building McCorkleLife L.L.C. as a social media influencer.  She teaches voice & piano lessons on the weekend and records fun videos with the family for our youtube. She also is drafting her first children’s book to publish!

Robbie is a Jesus-loving, dedicated husband and playful Daddy that works hard in his day job as a system engineer to make America a safer place while balancing life to spend time with the family.

He grew up in Arizona but prefers Colorado and Michigan greenery and snow and skiing,  he’s an accomplished pianist with several recorded CDs and has had the privilege to play for multiple church praise bands.  He found his voice in Chamber choir in high school after helping plunk out parts after school between playing sax in jazz combo groups.  He now loves to sing and capture videos with the family for online video content and memories.

He LOVES Christmas and hobbies with Missy in programming xlights/pixel light shows. 

He created the McCorkleLife website and graphics to share our memories and content with the world which has now become an L.L.C., works with Missy in video editing & custom apparel, and loves DIY projects published here on our McManly youtube.  

McCorkle Family

the Kids

Honor Roll Student
Beat boxer
Youtube creator
Twitch game streamer
Unity Video Game creator

Ethan is dedicated and focused in anything he does.  He beat boxes involuntarily throughout the day and is an amazing big brother.

He’s currently home schooling for his Junior/Senior year (by way of credits) while starting college courses. 

He loves to play drums and has recorded multiple drumming and beat box videos here on McCorkleLife and on our youtube. 

He also has started his own twitch channel for custom Minecraft levels of gaming.  He also is  coding his own video games in unity and will be publishing them as part of his homeschooling. 

He is an amazing kid that helps with chores, isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty outside working with Nana planting and gardening, and he loves playing with his siblings and even gives his parents the occasional date outing. 

See his headshots and candid pics below: