This video shows how to apply the DJI OM4 Magnetic Ring to an iPhone Case rather than to the rear of the iphone itself. 

I researched multiple gimbal options and decided on this gimbal for the features and primarily this quick release options of the two mounts that are included with this kit.

Due to the size of my phone case I cannot utilize the magnetic mount which grips the phone.  I also prefer (like many) to have the ability to keep my case.  I have applied the ring mount to my INCIPIO iphone case and it has remained strong with no issues.

I’ve seen other similar tutorials but none actually showed application nor did they apply to a case. 

Be advised that DJI recommends for the best results and safety of your phone, that the ring mount be applied directly to your phone.

Stay tuned for my next tutorial, ultimate iPhone Vlogger/video Creator hardware combo for 2021.   

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